Here we go

Right – I’m pretty new to this blogging lark, well, I say new…I’ve actually had an account with blogger since some time in 2008 but I only ever added two entries and, if I am honest, they were a little rubbish so were only ever looked at by fifteen people over the three years they were in the public domain. They have gone now (I hope) so I will start anew and hopefully have something interesting to share with you.

About me – I am a 32yr old happily married father of four. I work long hours in return for a not-so-good wage but can’t really complain as it keeps a roof over my families head and keeps them warm and their bellies full.
I am writing these blogs to attach to my new website which I’ve created to show my photography. I know they’re not the greatest images in the world but I am still very much an amateur…so give me a chance!
I’ll more than likely use the blogs to post examples of new shoots as and when they are completed so will probably write another blog shortly after checking that this one works which will include a picture or two.