Happy New Year, Happy New Images!

Happy new year to you all.
I haven’t been very active in this website for some time, but I promise I have been active all the same!

I have decided to challenge myself this year to the 365 project. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it basically means that I have to take one photograph every day throughout 2016. I have tried this before but quickly ran out of motivation and ideas, This year, I am determined not to give up and as I am living in a new location, I thought it was also a perfect opportunity to explore as well as looking for different angles in my day to day life to try and make these images as non-boring as possible.

I am going to post these images on my new Tumblr account: http://jonnifon.tumblr.com/ so please do take a look, the first entry is already uploaded. I will also see if there is a way to link my Tumblr blog to this website to make finding it a little easier for the non-Tumblrs among you.