My First Fashion Show

Well, if you’re going to jump into shooting a fashion show, why not do it in style?
Dream Street Models held a fashion show on a vintage train and I was invited along to shoot at this somewhat challenging location.
The fasion show took place on the Chasewater Railway Track and was spread over three carriages, two carriages were the runway while the third was behind the scenes and was a much narrower carriage as it housed the First Class Booths.
As I was positioned behind the scenes I didn’t actually shoot the show itself, I was tasked with capturing models before they appeared on the runway, the challenge I faced was that other than the very swanky old first class booth I had to myself, all I had to shoot in was the narrow passageway running along the carriage. The booth was lovely but lighting was an issue as it was on the opposite side to the train as the sun, whereas the aisle was often flooded with too much sunlight.

After some test shots, and realising the models were in far too much a hurry to stop for me before the headed to the next carriage, let alone pop into the booth, I opted to shoot them as they returned to the changing area, along the passageway.

Anyhow, long story short, although I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d hoped, I had a wonderful evening meeting and working with some amazing creatives, learned a lot and did have some images to show for it all.