Silence In Court!

I had the opportunity to take a look around the Victoria Law Courts in Birmingham.
The architecture really is out of this world and I could only wish that I have a lens that could really take in just how grand the building was.
This is what you walk into once you get past security - breathtaking architecture. Most 'customers' who pass through here though are a little to focused on other matters to even notice these surroundings.

While there I got to talk with some of the local magistrates about day to day life in the courts as well as learning a lot about its long and eventful history.

Along the tour, I sat in the judges seat, stood where the defendants go, went to the staff only areas including the retirement room and the library and even sat exactly where the evil Fred West was when he was facing trial, of course, he never made it to conviction!
A side shot of the front seats in a Victorian court which is still used today...thus the inclusion of computer screens

If the opportunity ever arises for such a tour again, I highly recommend it to you all…of course it is a public building so you can visit certain parts at any time – but access all areas, and with cameras is a very rare occasion indeed.

Once again, this was all thanks to Hidden Spaces.
Victoria Law Courts Birmingham

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